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last works

  • Blue bridge - oil on canvas - cm. 80x160 - 2007
    Blue bridge
  • Bridge - oil on canvas - cm. 80x160 - 2007
  • Città - oil on canvas - cm. 80x160 - 2007
  • Passaggio - oil on canvas - cm. 45x90 - 2007
  • Under a bridge - oil on canvas - cm. 110x240 - 2007
    Under a bridge
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  • 29.jpg -
  • 30.jpg -
  • 31.jpg -
  • 35.jpg -
  • 36.jpg -
  • Delaware bridge - oil on panel - cm. 60x125 - 2007
    Delaware bridge
  • Under-a-bridge_02.jpg -

  • Un certo Sguardo - charcoal on paper - cm. 140x140 - 2006
    Un certo Sguardo
  • Luciano - charcoal/oil on paper - cm. 140x90 - 2006
  • Margherita Hack -
    Margherita Hack
  • In Acqua 2015 -
    In Acqua 2015

[Lidia Bagnoli]

To be and to go by are synonymous.

"Un Certo Sguardo" , Palazzo Medosi  Fracassati, Budrio,  April - May 2006

In the paintings and drawings here on show, Lidia Bagnoli represents a nature of time in which "to be " and "to go by" are synonymous,  in which a thing doesn't  stop to exist just because of the fact that it is passed by.
The eternity- Umberto Galimberti wrote- to which the objective science theory  or the religious one of the soul aspire, doesn't have to be found in a dimension beyond the time , but more over in a recovery of the past in harmony with the future ,that is to say, in few  words: in the time that goes by.
It is that way in Lidia Bagnoli's paintings, where the time is spent in the usual and loved places- the house, the garden, the street of one's own town or of the trip- and the eternity is all here, in this little walk, in this going away, in this glance, in this light and in this spring time, it is this the place where Lidia lives the Earth, it is here where she uses the time as an instrument to develop the experience, to meet the things of the world.
In these works , the things don't live of  their own time, but of a time based on a relationship between Lidia and them.
It is about this relationship that Lidia communicates through her painting, after having taken the right distance to project people and things on the canvas  and reflect (on) herself and reflect (about) its.
And its are the gestures of people, friends, relatives that reveal feelings and vitality, and their body shape, that Lidia knows well how to structure using an extraordinary capacity  and  large and magnificent gesture  belonging to a painting that knows the tradition and that went through different eras and countries.
It is because of this way to paint, juicy and large, that many recognizable physiognomy materialized themselves in many different paintings and during many years, although many of their expressions are just concealed, given with fluid and  agitated paint, maybe because the life time is this way, transitory and unrepeatable.
Today, though, as new fruit, its are not just the gestures to tell the life. Big and intense drawings, portraits, self-portraits appear in the show: its are glances projected from the past in an eternal present , as it is in the destiny of the portrait.

Eleonora Frattarolo